High Court Judge rules Detained Fast Track unlawful

High Court Judge rules that the Detained Fast Track for asylum seekers is unlawful and “inherently unfair”
– one more nail in the coffin for Yarl’s Wood IRC.

Black Women’s Rape Action Project (BWRAP) and Women Against Rape (W.A.R.) welcome today’s decision by Judge Nicols that the Detained Fast Track for asylum seekers is unlawful and “inherently unfair”.

Cristel Amiss, from BWRAP commented:

“This decision is way overdue. Over the past ten years we have worked with many hundreds of women detained in Yarl’s Wood, many of whom are survivors or rape and other violence.  Many have been put
into the Detained Fast Track (DFT) and denied both time to gather evidence of the persecution they faced and appropriate legal representation.  Too many have been disbelieved and rejected and sent back to face further rape and other violence.”

Sian Evans from W.A.R. added:

“We are shocked however that the Judge agreed for this decision to be put on hold whilst the authorities appeal. This delay could have life-threatening consequences for women whose cases are in the DFT.”

30,000 people are currently detained in the UK each year, for  indefinite periods and despite committing no crime. Internationally protests are having enormous impact. In Greece, the Syriza government has started to close its detention centres. In Scotland the SNP has called for the closure of Dungavel. In the US, the New York Times is proposing to end detention. A recent 700 strong protest outside Yarl’s Wood brought together detainees with supporters from many walks of life including MPs and celebrities.

Protest and Speak Out

15 June 2015, co-hosted with All African Women’s Group.

Over 350 people came together in Parliament Square to demand the closure of Yarl’s Wood and an end to the detention of all asylum seekers

A dossier exists which exposes the rape and sexual violence by guards in Yarl’s Wood. It documents complaints from women since 2005 to the present day and details how Serco, the private company that runs Yarl’s Wood, has systematically condoned and covered up this abuse. You can search for this dossier online.

Clips of the protest

Please check for updates and more information on, and stay in touch.

A luta continua


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