New hospitality network ShareDYDD setting up in Cardiff and needs support.

Just like ShareTAWE in Swansea, and other hospitality networks in Bristol, London, Nottingham, Leeds etc, Cardiff people are coming together to set up a network that helps connect destitute asylum seekers with people who have spare rooms and are able to host them for a short while.

Hosting has already being happening in Cardiff for a while, and a family who were made destitute, and therefore had ‘NRPF’ (No Recourse to Public Funds), have recently been temporarily housed – but may need further support soon. The daughter of this family was also unable to continue attending college as the support for her fees also ended when they became destitute.

People in this situation have very few options, and when people have few friends, they have often found themselves travelling across cities each day and night seeking resting places, or even facing having to sleep in the streets. Even those with friends who are asylum seekers cannot rely on support as housing managers threaten people with eviction when they attempt to share their accommodation with others.

With a more formal, but inclusive, network, we can run through an administration centre – due to be set up in offices in Cardiff Bay in August – that helps things stay organised and co-ordinated, as well as avoiding any problems that guests or hosts might be anxious about.

If you are interested in getting involved, or know someone with spare rooms that might be willing to share them for a limited amount of time, please spread the word, and get in touch with us at

The next meeting for the network will be on August 15th. A venue for the meeting will be emailed to supporters nearer the time.

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